Thursday, March 31, 2016

From Atkins to Weight Watchers to Weight Loss?

I haven't been on a diet for over a decade. 

Actually that's not true. I used Aikens for quick 3-8 lb weight losses I experienced over the years-generally after a winter of laziness and junk food eaten from the couch while watching Snapped marathons. It had worked for years. I didn't fluctuate much. As a matter of fact, I was more concerned about losing TOO much weight since i'd been a size double zero ( 00), which was too big at one point, and I was devastated. Anyway, I was pretty physically fit, and I didn't eat huge portions, but I did eat lots of junk-always have.  I was going to visit my girls in Florida for Christmas, and wanted to wear my normal summer clothes, which were quite snug! So I did Atkins for a week and lost six pounds and fit in clothes just fine. 

Three months later, I noticed my regular size 2 jeans were so snug I moved up to the one or two pairs of size 4 pants I had, yet soon they too were tight. As winter 2016 started to come to an end, I felt the snugness a bit more in my clothes than usual. I got on the scale-something again, I haven't done in years except at doctors-I let my clothes and body tell me when I'm over/underweight. I had gained 20-25 pounds since my last "weigh in" from my last physical, maybe a year ago. I was pissed! So I pulled out my "Atkins" kit-food lists, carb counter, recipes, shakes, etc., and got to work. Only THIS time, it didn't work as it had in the past. I ran out of recipes, foods I liked, mostly low carb, high protein snacks to get me through the day. I guess it had to do with being on the "diet" for longer than usual (a week or so), and I did not have the stamina to make this ole reliable tool work.

Long story short- I joined Weight Watchers. If you want to look up my journey, my username is options2825. I think you have to be a member to see though. Anyways, I'm struggling. This is week 7. I started out with Smart Points. Failed first week. There weren't ENOUGH SP's to get me through the day, and I used my weekly points all at once. So I switched to Simply Filling- took me weeks to "get" it, and lost a little each week til last week when I "maintained" even though I upped my program, including more exercise and water! Bummed! Well, after that discouraging weigh in, I ate an ENTIRE HUGE bag of MM's!! Disaster. I also order hot wings from restaurant. Back to Smart Points. I can't believe I actually "tracked" the points-like 70 alone for candy, and blew all weekly points, way over daily points. Felt like failure and very discouraged. Stepped it up again a little this week to see if I can salvage the disaster which is my weight loss journey

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Customized Reading Websites for Struggling Readers K-4

I love this website theme picked out by Sam, my second grade student. I custom designed this [and all my students] starting with a theme selected by the student. Then I upload personal pics and materials if desired. Using assessment results, I determine learning targets, and create apps, games, books, lists, tests, practices and skill building exercises to develop and build skill sets with my struggling readers elementary school ages, , K-4. These educational websites are awesome because parents cannot afford the one-on-one private reading tutorials most students need to get caught up grade level, and unlike traditional "homework" or drills, kids actually LOVE going to THEIR OWN website and playing the games they like, challenge online friends to games, read some of the "goal" book, download an e-book from their custom reading list, start with some fun brain training, check out their scores, improvements and progress, or write on their personal blog. They often spend more than the allotted 1 hr. suggested, and you can see in the monitored progress section how these kids improve leaps and bounds above expectations. It's a great and affordable tool.  Here are a few of the most utilized apps, -e-book links, etc. from Sam's actual website. Check out Sam's blog

Brain Training Exercises
Speed Match!!
Birds in Migration
Familiar Faces!
Rain Drops!
Word Bubbles! 

Dolch Words

Jumbled Dolch Words #1
Jumbled Dolch Words #2
Opposites Flashcards


Short Vowel Challenge - game (Aa, Ii, Oo)
Short Vowel Word Sorter
Short "a" Word Family Sorter- "an"
Short "a" Word Family Sorter-"at"

1-2 Person Challenge!

Minimal Pairs

Books and Stories
Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Decode-able Books
Short "a"
Sam the Ant, by Eleanor McDavid 
Zac the Rat 

Short "o"
Bob Is Lost, by Amanda Cummings 
Sam's Trip to the Docby Heather Lewis 
I Can Swim! by Maggie Saye
Bob the Cat and His Napby Cambre Prater
Dad's Lost Hat, by Bridgett Wilson 
Jack the Cat, by Emily Mills

Mouse Over E-Books (Oh and Ah)

Once upon a time
Oh could fly
One day...
The other alien
Ah was scared

This made Oh scared
Then they made friends
Suddenly the sun came out
Ah gave Oh a present
Oh swallowed it
"What can I give Ah?"

Online Dictionary with Sound
Is this book within my Lexile range? Check it out here!!

Email Ms. Smith 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Making a Difference-A Network of Good, Ethical People & Businesses - About - Google+

Making a Difference-A Network of Good, Ethical People & Businesses - About - Google+

This is the kind of network a good person could support. If you can help out, maybe make some comments, write a blog post, share some ideas, register on the site maybe you too can make a difference.  These are the current businesses/community sites I am hoping to network. Right now these are under my management, but will be seeking like minded, non-related companies and non-profits. 

Website of the Network:The Making A Difference Network

Academic Site for Parents, Students & Educators:  Test Prep and Tutoring

A blog devoted to helping good, honest and ethical contractors and skilled labor businesses/individuals by allowing them to be guest bloggers, answer consumer questions, share their niches, voice their opinions and bring us a new perspective. Small business and consumer relations are discussed. Everything tile and contractor. For the consumer, you can come and get good, honest and upfront advice, guidance, DIY instruction, get your questions answered, and more. Tile Installation Excellence | DIY Consumer Help  AND  Ask Tile Excellence

Celebrating Small Business Owners & Good People by Writing About Those in Our Community Who Make a Difference, are ethical, compassionate, and do not attempt to use their "goodness" to gain monetarily or for attention. It's a blank page, so have a look and see if you might be able to write the first post-catch a business you know does the right thing and makes people's lives better or easier. Send in your story, and we'll get the ball rolling. The good guys don't come to us---we have to find them, and I can't do it alone. Caught You Being Good

Thanks Everyone, Diana

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Ex is a Psychopath and I'm Stuck Here Trying to Heal

Leave me alone! Don't read this. I can't stop to figure out how you found this site or how I need to proceed to better secure my words as I fight the brink of sanity, but it's the third time I've attempted to use a tool that could help me heal and understand, but so far no privacy found. 

I was dubbed by a sociopath

 [you must ask for permission through this link] and I was madly in love with him when it happened. It meaning a trauma so unexpected and one I never saw coming that I knew not only that I was in shock, but I would never be with this man again. I had seen evil.

One online blog I thought was just in draft form had several followers that night when I came back, since you see, I was recovering from the damage and devastation of loving a Psychopath, and caused those he "LOVES"  to be so devastated, it is is so very complex and horrifying, everyday. Joy, joy-between running, trying to scramble up your stuff, find any hidden finances, ask around for places to stay, see a counselor right away, see a trauma specialist if you are still in shock or have PTSD like I did. Then you need immediate treatment for the trauma just so you can speak and not stutter or hyperventilate. So you can imagine the terror I felt when I saw "followers" and later read on one of hundreds of sites for survivors of a sociopathic relationship, that those that follow blogs of victims are often sociopaths themselves. Wow. I yanked that blog down that second 

We've run out of places to go when THIS has to come out. I've used online private journals, notebooks if they are handy, all kinds of apps on my phone(s) yes, part of the problem. Laptop notebook, chromebook Google Doc, then Asus computer needs to be sent back )just got it back from these repairs it showed up with untouched) so now anything goes with it, and when my phone ran out of hotspot ability due to limit, I could no longer connect my chrome, so my documents and folders and bookmarks almost all in one place.....gone. Talk to people about it?? Okay  for tiny amounts of time and limitations on WHAT comes out of your mouth. Are you done yet??  Only see counselor for one hour a week and that only lasted a month most of that time being treated for PTSD from domestic abuse caused by my only family and closest person to me in the world-my ex fiance, the psychopath.  I refer to him as a sociopath because they SEEM less crazy, but they are  not, and he actually fits the profile of a psychopath. Think John Wayne Gacy  or Ted Bundy crazy. I've been told he is a psychopath by one social worker, and that he is definitely a sociopath by two counselors and all the social workers I met with. I could not wrap my head around either, There are subtle differences and he has those "extra" characteristics to meet the definition I'm sure, but I choose not to call him that or consider it.  but  I was too heartbroken and in shock, but nearly a year later, I am free to see the truth and protect myself. 

I started a blog called My Boyfriend is a Psychopath. I figured if I kept the privacy issues under wraps, and I could just vent usually based on reading some other huge part of this kind of monster, and suddenly realizing how THAT had been going on forever, and it just hit me. Tears, anger, sleeping with knife out of fear, a stuffed animal as you both cry yourselves to sleep miles apart. He in your home with your belongings, me in a stranger bedroom I was able to rent for a month while I worked things out as to what's next. You don't worry. You never do. You know why? I do! I do!

  • I always hesitate to write anywhere about this, but I've learned it's absolutely necessary in moving forward. I pray people can't find my ramblings, but I'm told I've been helping people , which is how I live my life, so it makes sense I would help. I password protect,but I'm posting more and with less fear

Google SERP Show If Not Number One You Lose A LOT

Google Page One Number One or Bust?

It disturbs me to think what an impatience, judgmental, harsh and little signs of compassion and kindness we have towards each other in our society sometimes. While I'm very much an optimist and see the good in people, it's hard to ignore at times the blatant and multiple acts of bad behavior we witness daily. Thank God for the moments of joy mixed in throughout the day, and that is always there, or people would lose their minds and maybe their spirits. This chart with the latest results of how little wiggle room we have when using the Internet as a major tool in our businesses that we have. It makes my job as an organic SEO online marketer looking pretty good for the future because the need for expert SEO services is apparent, and I'm very good, but it still seems sad to me. Read it and tell me what you think.

Check out the chart below taken from the page of a top SEO International Firm. It's the results of a series of tests/research carried out by researchers and SEO giants seeing how important SEO and SERP (search engine results page) rankings really were.The studies showed it is EXTREMELY important to be listed and the top of the first page of the search engine results page (SERP). The number one slot gets most of the clicks. Clicks=$$ or "Likes".It's a  little concerning. Consumers only read the results on page one. And many only read the top few organic results, meaning out of the 10 organic, natural, "real" results, only the top 3 get much attention. If you're number 10, you get only 2.2 percent of the click. Read it, it's actually quite eye opening.

Click Distribution of First Page Google Search Engine Results Page