Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why is it Hard to be Good?

Half Truths-Lies of Omission |Why is it hard to be good? 

A question that seems simple enough, yet as human beings the answer becomes complex. Everyone thinks they are a good person and they do the right thing for the most part. When serial killers were asked, many said they were basically good people...oh, except that little thing they did.......called MURDER.

My dad used to say a liar was worse than a murderer. Didn't get it then, and still really don't, but I kind of understand a little bit more. I absolutely loath liars and dishonest people. I hate people who don't tell the truth even when asked directly and to their faces a question, and they answer with a straight face, then behind your back talk the opposite. And these are FRIENDS. I hear, "well, I didn't want to hurt their feelings" or "I didn't lie, I just...didn't tell everything" (lies of omission or half-truths-LIES people, LIES).

An old boyfriend became angry at me when I told a very close friend the content of a the contract had signed with his church having to do with gays. Basically this 18 page contract from hell explained in great detail how gays were never to enter the pearly gates and not only would they suffer excruciating pain everyday for iternity, but they'd share the same space in the fiery lake of hell with none other than...the devil himself, oh, and also with those of us who had not accepted Jesus Christ as our savior [].