Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Customized Reading Websites for Struggling Readers K-4

I love this website theme picked out by Sam, my second grade student. I custom designed this [and all my students] starting with a theme selected by the student. Then I upload personal pics and materials if desired. Using assessment results, I determine learning targets, and create apps, games, books, lists, tests, practices and skill building exercises to develop and build skill sets with my struggling readers elementary school ages, , K-4. These educational websites are awesome because parents cannot afford the one-on-one private reading tutorials most students need to get caught up grade level, and unlike traditional "homework" or drills, kids actually LOVE going to THEIR OWN website and playing the games they like, challenge online friends to games, read some of the "goal" book, download an e-book from their custom reading list, start with some fun brain training, check out their scores, improvements and progress, or write on their personal blog. They often spend more than the allotted 1 hr. suggested, and you can see in the monitored progress section how these kids improve leaps and bounds above expectations. It's a great and affordable tool.  Here are a few of the most utilized apps, -e-book links, etc. from Sam's actual website. Check out Sam's blog

Brain Training Exercises
Speed Match!!
Birds in Migration
Familiar Faces!
Rain Drops!
Word Bubbles! 

Dolch Words

Jumbled Dolch Words #1
Jumbled Dolch Words #2
Opposites Flashcards


Short Vowel Challenge - game (Aa, Ii, Oo)
Short Vowel Word Sorter
Short "a" Word Family Sorter- "an"
Short "a" Word Family Sorter-"at"

1-2 Person Challenge!

Minimal Pairs

Books and Stories
Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Decode-able Books
Short "a"
Sam the Ant, by Eleanor McDavid 
Zac the Rat 

Short "o"
Bob Is Lost, by Amanda Cummings 
Sam's Trip to the Docby Heather Lewis 
I Can Swim! by Maggie Saye
Bob the Cat and His Napby Cambre Prater
Dad's Lost Hat, by Bridgett Wilson 
Jack the Cat, by Emily Mills

Mouse Over E-Books (Oh and Ah)

Once upon a time
Oh could fly
One day...
The other alien
Ah was scared

This made Oh scared
Then they made friends
Suddenly the sun came out
Ah gave Oh a present
Oh swallowed it
"What can I give Ah?"

Online Dictionary with Sound
Is this book within my Lexile range? Check it out here!!

Email Ms. Smith 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Making a Difference-A Network of Good, Ethical People & Businesses - About - Google+

Making a Difference-A Network of Good, Ethical People & Businesses - About - Google+

This is the kind of network a good person could support. If you can help out, maybe make some comments, write a blog post, share some ideas, register on the site maybe you too can make a difference.  These are the current businesses/community sites I am hoping to network. Right now these are under my management, but will be seeking like minded, non-related companies and non-profits. 

Website of the Network:The Making A Difference Network

Academic Site for Parents, Students & Educators:  Test Prep and Tutoring

A blog devoted to helping good, honest and ethical contractors and skilled labor businesses/individuals by allowing them to be guest bloggers, answer consumer questions, share their niches, voice their opinions and bring us a new perspective. Small business and consumer relations are discussed. Everything tile and contractor. For the consumer, you can come and get good, honest and upfront advice, guidance, DIY instruction, get your questions answered, and more. Tile Installation Excellence | DIY Consumer Help  AND  Ask Tile Excellence

Celebrating Small Business Owners & Good People by Writing About Those in Our Community Who Make a Difference, are ethical, compassionate, and do not attempt to use their "goodness" to gain monetarily or for attention. It's a blank page, so have a look and see if you might be able to write the first post-catch a business you know does the right thing and makes people's lives better or easier. Send in your story, and we'll get the ball rolling. The good guys don't come to us---we have to find them, and I can't do it alone. Caught You Being Good

Thanks Everyone, Diana