Monday, March 2, 2015

Making a Difference-A Network of Good, Ethical People & Businesses - About - Google+

Making a Difference-A Network of Good, Ethical People & Businesses - About - Google+

This is the kind of network a good person could support. If you can help out, maybe make some comments, write a blog post, share some ideas, register on the site maybe you too can make a difference.  These are the current businesses/community sites I am hoping to network. Right now these are under my management, but will be seeking like minded, non-related companies and non-profits. 

Website of the Network:The Making A Difference Network

Academic Site for Parents, Students & Educators:  Test Prep and Tutoring

A blog devoted to helping good, honest and ethical contractors and skilled labor businesses/individuals by allowing them to be guest bloggers, answer consumer questions, share their niches, voice their opinions and bring us a new perspective. Small business and consumer relations are discussed. Everything tile and contractor. For the consumer, you can come and get good, honest and upfront advice, guidance, DIY instruction, get your questions answered, and more. Tile Installation Excellence | DIY Consumer Help  AND  Ask Tile Excellence

Celebrating Small Business Owners & Good People by Writing About Those in Our Community Who Make a Difference, are ethical, compassionate, and do not attempt to use their "goodness" to gain monetarily or for attention. It's a blank page, so have a look and see if you might be able to write the first post-catch a business you know does the right thing and makes people's lives better or easier. Send in your story, and we'll get the ball rolling. The good guys don't come to us---we have to find them, and I can't do it alone. Caught You Being Good

Thanks Everyone, Diana

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