Thursday, March 31, 2016

From Atkins to Weight Watchers to Weight Loss?

I haven't been on a diet for over a decade. 

Actually that's not true. I used Aikens for quick 3-8 lb weight losses I experienced over the years-generally after a winter of laziness and junk food eaten from the couch while watching Snapped marathons. It had worked for years. I didn't fluctuate much. As a matter of fact, I was more concerned about losing TOO much weight since i'd been a size double zero ( 00), which was too big at one point, and I was devastated. Anyway, I was pretty physically fit, and I didn't eat huge portions, but I did eat lots of junk-always have.  I was going to visit my girls in Florida for Christmas, and wanted to wear my normal summer clothes, which were quite snug! So I did Atkins for a week and lost six pounds and fit in clothes just fine. 

Three months later, I noticed my regular size 2 jeans were so snug I moved up to the one or two pairs of size 4 pants I had, yet soon they too were tight. As winter 2016 started to come to an end, I felt the snugness a bit more in my clothes than usual. I got on the scale-something again, I haven't done in years except at doctors-I let my clothes and body tell me when I'm over/underweight. I had gained 20-25 pounds since my last "weigh in" from my last physical, maybe a year ago. I was pissed! So I pulled out my "Atkins" kit-food lists, carb counter, recipes, shakes, etc., and got to work. Only THIS time, it didn't work as it had in the past. I ran out of recipes, foods I liked, mostly low carb, high protein snacks to get me through the day. I guess it had to do with being on the "diet" for longer than usual (a week or so), and I did not have the stamina to make this ole reliable tool work.

Long story short- I joined Weight Watchers. If you want to look up my journey, my username is options2825. I think you have to be a member to see though. Anyways, I'm struggling. This is week 7. I started out with Smart Points. Failed first week. There weren't ENOUGH SP's to get me through the day, and I used my weekly points all at once. So I switched to Simply Filling- took me weeks to "get" it, and lost a little each week til last week when I "maintained" even though I upped my program, including more exercise and water! Bummed! Well, after that discouraging weigh in, I ate an ENTIRE HUGE bag of MM's!! Disaster. I also order hot wings from restaurant. Back to Smart Points. I can't believe I actually "tracked" the points-like 70 alone for candy, and blew all weekly points, way over daily points. Felt like failure and very discouraged. Stepped it up again a little this week to see if I can salvage the disaster which is my weight loss journey